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Toowoomba, QLD - Case Study

Doing: Aerial Spraying

Problem: Weeds growing challenging steep country with rough ground that didn’t allow conventional spraying equipment to access it

Situation and outcome: Our clients were wanted to spray the hillside of their property in the Toowoomba area as it was affected by unwanted weeds. However, the country was steep and the terrain didn’t allow for conventional farming equipment to access this space safely and effectively.

After contacting the Precision Ag Services team, we had one of our experience drone pilots go out and map this property. This allowed for the team to return to the property when conditions were better suited for application of herbicides. The team was able to spray the affected areas within the day, saving the owners team and effort to get the hillside under control.

Returning to the site after a few weeks, it was clear that the application of herbicide was successful and the hillside had only remains of the weeds that once stood.

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