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Gatton, QLD - Case Study

Doing: Aerial Spraying

Problem: Spraying reflectant paint onto greenhouses to control internal light penetration

Situation and outcome: In the past the paint was applied by using rollers and paint brushes by employees. This process could take days in order to paint one greenhouse. On top of the time taken it was at times dangerous and difficult since greenhouses are lightly built and not designed for walking on. So, painting them across the whole roof was challenging while maintaining safe working practices.

Precision Ag Services was bought on firstly to trial the application through the use of aerial drones. Upon finishing the trial, it was established that using the drone was faster, safer and a more efficient use of time. Using manpower these greenhouses could take half a week to paint. With the drone this was reduced to just mere hours, and it was easy to apply more or less paint depending on a greenhouse’s particular requirements. depending on how much paint was needed.

Overall, using the spray drone was successful with the client being happy with the outcome and continues to utilise Precision Ag Services drone within their day-to-day operation.