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A Lockyer valley family run business

Transform Your Farming with Agricultural Drones

As one of the most innovative industries within Australia, farmers get an opportunity to incorporate some of the latest ag tech into their operations, turning the tide, no longer battling but shifting mindsets and utilising conditions to their advantage.

Precision Ag Services is a local family run business based within the Lockyer Valley and serves South East Queensland and beyond. Depending on what is needed Precision Ag Services is here to help you.


Precision Ag Services gives farmers the chance to access and utilise some of the most advanced drone technology on the market. By using fully autonomous drones, we become accurate within 1-2cm, reducing human error and becoming more efficient with aerial applications. With the direct result of reducing chemicals used and conserving water when compared to conventional agricultural methods.


Aerial spraying

Our drones are built with the latest technology on the market. This is what makes us so efficient and effective. Further benefits are ground conditions and terrain don’t impact our drones, meaning we can cover the most difficult areas to reach. Though challenging environments aren’t our only benefit, we can cover cropping areas with ease and can target specific areas of a crop, saving on chemicals and water.

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Aerial Seeding & Granular Spreading

Similar to our spraying efficiencies, our ability to spread and seed those steep or tough terrain, is no longer an issue. Our drone has the ability to spread products ranging from 1mm to 10mm in size, and can be anything from granular fertilizer, to seeds and even beneficial bugs.

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Aerial Mapping

With our XMission mapping drone, we can create a number of highly detailed maps; Multispectral and NDVI (Normalized difference vegetation index), Orthomosaic (4k Image) and 3D maps. Since our drones utilise RTK flight technology, our image accuracy is <2cm, allowing our clients to have highly accurate images for their planning purposes.

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Tailored to you

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Meet the team


Daniel (far left) and Mitchell (far right) both grew up on a farm within the Lockyer Valley. This period of adolescence was the start of their agricultural journeys, entrenching their passion and excitement for agriculture itself and technology. Their careers have seen them in some of the most remote parts of Queensland, helping to understand the everyday challenges of rural living.

Upon returning to the Lockyer Valley, they both decided they wanted to combine their interests in order to create and start Precision Ag Services, an aerial drone business. They dream that this business will serve as a backbone for primary producers when they face challenging circumstances or want to change the norm and branch into ag tech practices.

When the boys are not working on the business you can catch them either out on the golf course or exploring South East Queensland.


Larry has lived within the Lockyer Valley for close to 30 years. He has formed many connections to members within the community through a previous construction based business or during his time working on his farm.

Having experienced challenging times whilst farming, Larry can relate to the highs and lows of being a primary producer. This gives him the ability to relate and understand how best Precision Ag Services can benefit your operation in order to achieve outstanding results.

When Larry isn’t flying drones and running the business you can find him at the local squash court having a hit.